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 by Jack Sharkey

Two days after their wedding Edgar discovers that Mavis – a nasty piece of work – is being unfaithful. After her first attempt to kill him by poisoning his cocoa when the cat dies instead, Mavis resorts to shooting him and then returning to her lover. Chaos and complications reign when it transpires that the shots were blanks and that Edgar’s body has vanished…

Audition Dates:

July 8-13, 2019

 Showdates:  October 4-5; 11-12 @ 7pm

Long Beach Community Center, St. Leonard

3 Males (mid 20s-50s)          3 Females  (mid 20s-50s


Edgar Hollister/Abel Howard (Supporting): Male, 30-59
Edgar is a member of the landed gentry, very distinguished, very British, and very jealous, British accent a must; Abel is a police constable, looks like a younger version of Edgar, British accent a must.


Mavis Hollister (Lead): Female, 25-39
Edgar’s very recent bride, did she marry him for love or money? British accent a must.


James Crandall (Supporting): Male, 30-50
 police inspector with a stone face and a British accent a must.


Susan Hollister (Supporting): Female, 20-26
Edgar’s daughter by a previous marriage, smart, but dumb as a box of rocks, British accent preferred, but she has been in America long enough for it have lost its crispness.


Barry Draper (Supporting): Male, 18-35

Susan’s American fiance, feels “like a ranch hand tossed into a nest o’ rattlesnakes”, very rich, Texan or Southern accent required.


Lottie Molloy (Supporting): Female, 40-69

the maid, loyal to the Hollister family with every breath, resents Mavis who isn’t a “real” Hollister, cockney accent preferred but may do Irish or British.


Cold Readings from the Script.

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Produced with permission of Dramatists Play Services Inc., NY, NY