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Free Festival Preview!



Two one-act comedies bound for the Maryland Community Theatre Festival Association will have open to the public previews on Saturday, February 4, at the Southern Community Center in Lusby, MD. Curtain time is 10:30 a.m., and admission is free.

The first show is New Direction Community Theater's presentation of "The Beauty of Natural Love," written and directed by Rick Thompson. The cast is Justin McCright as Sam Dale, Aly Wirth Cross as Taylor Haladay, Linda Hiortdahl as Barbara Carson, and J.B. McCright as Michael Phillips.

In it, Actress Taylor Haladay has been searching for a show that will break her out of the comedy roles in which she has been typecast. Her agent, Sam Dale, has found the play by an unknown author that will do just that and make her an A-list star as a bonus. Problem: It calls for her to "blaze new frontiers" in serious drama, complete with an unprecedented scene. Taylor is resistant to the idea, while both Sam and the play's author, Michael Phillips, do their best to change her mind. Will they succeed?

The second show is Newtowne Players' presentation of "I'm Herbert," written by Robert Anderson and directed by Chris Maulden. It will follow directly after "The Beauty of Natural Love." The cast is Rick Thompson as Herbert and Stacey Park as Muriel.

"I'm Herbert" is a short play about two old, old people sitting on the porch in a pair of rocking chairs and talking — just talking — and, of course, they don't know how funny they are. Each has had one or more previous marriages and perhaps a few flings, but they are hazy as to details. In fact, they don't always know which one the other is.

The following week, both shows will participate in the MCTFA festival, February 10-12. It is being hosted the Port Tobacco Players, 508 Charles Street, La Plata, MD. General admission tickets for the festival are available at the door.

We hope to see you at the preview as well as the festival!