2020 Season

Sheridan Pt. Farm , Prince Frederick Location for Fall Outdoor theater performances

October 16-24, 2020

A Night Between Heaven and Hell

A night of heavenly comedy! Join us for three one act plays that are devilishly good and sure to delight! We will start the evening off right (or oh so funnily wrong) with “Welcome to Hell” by Rowan Atkinson followed by “The Middle Ground” by Keith Mervine and finish up with “An Act of God” by David Javerbaum. All three take an irreverent look at life and how we all fit in the cosmic “order”.

“Welcome to Hell”
You’re dead. And you’re in Hell. But don’t worry, you’re in good company and the Devil will have you sorted in no time. You’ll have all of eternity to laugh yourself silly with your final “reward”

“The Middle Ground”
Steve is dead. Now it is up to contractors Jess and Bob to decide which way he’s going. But that’s ok. Here in the Middle Ground, time has no meaning and now will take as long as necessary.

“An Act of God”
God has come to Earth and inhabited the body of… An Actor. With the help of Michael and Gabriel, all of your questions will be answered or not.
Shows will be held in an outdoor venue under a giant tent to keep us out of the elements but socially distanced!

October 16-25, 2020

Villain School

Everyone loves a good villain, and The Villains’ Institute for Learning Evil (V.I.L.E.) is where all the famous storybook villains go to learn their wicked ways.  Like any school, V.I.L.E. has its own social groups:  The Monsters; the Witches; the Convicts; and the Misfits, who just don’t fit in along with the Evil Geniuses, who rule the school.

Everything is turned upside down when the smart and talented new student, Frank Stein, shows up and challenges the status quo by falling in love with Heidi Jekyll.  Faced with potential expulsion and certain embarrassment, will the forces of evil ultimately tear them apart, or will true love prevail?