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Breaking Legs

Playwright Terence O’Keefe has a new play, and wants the family of a former student
to back it. But the “family” turns out to be minor Mafia godfathers who like the idea,
provided they never have to read the play — which doesn’t mean they won’t want to
make a few “minor” changes. The fact that the lusty, unmarried daughter of the house
(his former student) is hotly pursuing the playwright only makes life more complicated.
And Terry’s play? It’s about a murder!

Limited Seating will be used. Ticket Pre-Purchase Required.


June 4, 5, 11, 12 @ 7PM          June 6 @ 2PM



$12 Students/Seniors

$15 General Admission



Long Beach Community Center

5845 Calvert Blvd, St. Leonard, MD