Calvert Performing Arts Center– “Let’s Build a Theater”

New Direction Community Theater in collaboration with Twin Beach Players plan to form the Calvert Performing Arts Alliance with a goal to build an independent, community-based Performing Arts Center for the citizens of Calvert County.

We plan to submit a proposal to Calvert County Government to renovate and transform the Armory Building in Prince Frederick into a Performing Arts Center. We believe this is financially viable through a combination of live theater and by providing classrooms, rehearsal space, and storage facilities for other groups. Initially, it will primarily service our two theater companies, but this will expand to allow other arts organizations to utilize the facility as well.

The RFP will be forthcoming any time from the county, at which time we will be able to tour the building and finalize our plans.  In the immediate future, we will need financial support and volunteers to help us with the process of submitting our proposal. Responding to the RFP requires us to have architectural plans and have a
qualified team of tradespeople ready to execute the plan should the county award us the building. In
addition, due to the costs we will incur, we are also seeking corporate business partnerships and support
for our collective alliance.

We are appealing to our Calvert community for help in making this happen!

We want to hear from arts organizations interested in utilizing the building, businesses who would support our cause, and citizens and business owners who can help rally the Commissioners and other county officials on our behalf.

So what can you do?
1. Donate to our GoFundMe at                                                                       
2. Sign the petition to make the Calvert Performing Arts Center a reality:        http:///
3. Share this information with your friends on social media                                                                                                                     Contact us to volunteer.

We are confident that the county will consider our proposal if the support from our Patrons and business
community is overwhelming for a dedicated performing arts center in the county. As always, we thank
you for your patronage, and ask you to support our Building Team and Financial Support Team through
corporate or individual sponsorships, assistance with grant writing and general and legal guidance on our
endeavor. Both of our companies are grateful for your support of the Arts community in Calvert, and we
look forward to bringing Live theater to a permanent space in central Calvert.

On With the Show!